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The UK pickup market has been growing strongly and is forecast to keep doing so. With innovations in design and the release of many great ...

to drive and all round performing pickup trucks it’s easy to see why. Driving a pickup used to be a compromise, if not in ride and interior comfort then in fuel economy or style. This is clearly no longer the case. The modern pickup is a versatile all-rounder, fulfilling the business, family and performance needs of many of us. We offer more flexible terms than most including Contract Hire, Finance Lease and regular Finance deals.

The improvements in style from all the leading makers have made the pickup truck into something of a fashion item. The ride quality of many pickups is car like and the off road performance impressive.

Fuel economy is comparable with many off road and 4WD estates.

As a city car, with their increasing dimensions and wheel sizes, pickups are generally not the easiest to park!

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